Project Management

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2021 Aug 3 8:42
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Think slow act fast

The judgment is the most important (

Worrying about this and that is easy, but knowing what the important issue is a skill
  • It's important to differentiate between horizontal and vertical expansions and work well only in the focused part
  • It's not always good to finish, it's better to keep using this project
  • Including schedules and promises or proposals, don't speak lightly and don't believe easily
  • It's appropriate to seek the opinion of a veteran in the field for the schedule
  • Good judgment provides appropriate details about the reasons for judgment
Project Management Notion

Good judgment comes from responsibility

  • Rather than attaching something to the product, you should start by extracting what should be there
  • Making long-term judgments from the product's perspective, without ego
  • Clear verification for error correction
  • Apply changes only to where the assumption of error occurrence has been infringed, where it needs to be corrected, and at least where it is intended
  • You need to infer things that you can't see directly by clearly seeing the context
Project Management Usages

Finish your projects

Creating prodvalue of Project