What is Texonom

Created 2023 Mar 28 6:39
Edited 2023 Aug 16 12:58

A hierarchical, knowledge graph that ties together scattered knowledge.

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Higher understanding in any field requires the abstraction of the underlying knowledge. So it is important to know which terms are higher-level concepts and which concepts belong where. There's a lot of wasted productivity when people have different understandings of terms or use them ambiguously. This is why you're an expert when you know the relationships between concepts in your domain, rather than memorizing them in isolation. A taxonomy, a precise and organized tree structure between these concepts, enables optimal conceptual learning in your field. The Texonom Community strives to structure all concepts in the world and currently are organizing them under three headings: Reality, Theory, and Creation.

Free Knowledges

Nowadays, It's getting harder and harder to discern the truth. Texonom is a open source project aims to collect
based on tree structure information with network relations. We use recursive
to organize complex knowledge. The objectives of this project are to provide correct knowledge and neutral opinion. However, mistakes can still occur, which is why we encourage discussions. Subjective opinions also exist, so we welcome feedback from you. We believe that this way of sharing knowledge will improve our ability of
Problem Solving
. Also the accumulated structured knowledge serves as a data corpus for AI learning as well as for humans.

Problem Solving

In developed countries of the contemporary era, there is little threat of starvation and survival problems. Therefore, the main objectives in life are usually things that deeply relate to
Problem Solving
. However, finding a problem (which can be a life objective) requires knowledge of the state of the art in that domain. Therefore, identifying a problem is the most challenging part. Reading the thesis can give us insight into the most advanced research. To find or create an unsolved problem or improve an existing solution, apply a combination of other solutions with your
& originality.

Originality & Invention

Living a moderate life can be tiring, and competition can be stressful. However, by making your flow more fluent, you can enhance your life. Fully connection knowledge gives us originality and Invention which means we should connect information to foster invention.
is achieved through a combination of inventions.

Creativity & Innovation

Nowadays, the requirements for
are not brain storage size or processing speed, as computers and
Artificial Intelligence
have made these qualities almost useless. Instead, the criteria for being smart as a human is creativity. Therefore, we should focus on collecting and coalescing our creative ideas.
is the ability to combine awesome works, and when different inventions are mixed together, innovation is born, which has the power to change the world.


The main purpose of a question is to Answer & Resolve it. Therefore, when asking a question, it is important to anticipate that an answer will follow. If an answer is not expected, consider rephrasing the question. Please comment anywhere and share your opinion freely.
is the only way to convey personal thoughts.

Texonom Rules

  • All pages should have a unique name to facilitate search.
  • Page naming should be consistent with Texonom’s page tree structure.
  • It is recommended to name all collections, such as table or gallery blocks, in plural form.
  • By default, Texonom use Gallery as the main collection view. (
  • The default language for Texonom is
    . Please inform us if you require support for translations or grammar issues.
  • Ref property reference more general direction or same level of notion.


Anyone can contribute to the cause by participating or donating.