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Can be anything, Can't be everything

Motivational attitude of life

의미부여할 수 있는 것들을 끊임없이 찾는 과정. 더 다양한 길을 가질수 있는 방향으로 인생설계
내가 가고자 하는 방향으로 할수있는 난이도의 일들을 꾸준히 찾아 이뤄나가는 것
멘탈관리 하면서 아름다운 순간과 사람에 매료되지 말고, 인생은 사진보다 동영상
여러 영향에 의해 사고와 행동방식이 무의식적 습관과 의식적인 규칙 생기며 개인이 구체화된다

Persuade attitude of life

  1. Having a clear perspective allows you to organize the complex world from your point of view.
  1. Persuading with logic and evidence rather than appealing to authority.
  1. Admitting when you find that your claim is wrong or misaligned.
  1. Acknowledging and developing your perspective or tastes to persuade more people sharply.
  1. Continually correct the direction of thinking or life trajectory in a better direction.

Input/Output attitude of life

Think → Talk → Behavior → Habit → Character → Life
나 역시 나만으로 이루어진 게 아니다. The structure of knowledge gained from experiences is more important than the knowledge. (
). 인생은 우연과 상상 즉 의지와 비의지의 연쇄이다
The balance of Input, Processing, Output and constantly creating motivation by depriving oneself. For example, not giving rewards to oneself, but aligning with the desire of others. Enable focus shift at the end point of growth. The tendency changes depending on the balance ratio, but if you just accept
without thinking about input, you become a zombie who can't think for yourself, and if there is no output, you can't have influence anything.
When modeling a person as Input, Processing Output, one person's Input becomes Output, forming the entire
Network. Typically, Processing is done by professionals, Input is through learning or media, and Output is through artists or entrepreneurs. This structure is an asymmetric structure where the output comes from a minority elites.
Self Components
Human Life Notion
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero -
Life is Choice Between Birth And Death - Jean Paul Sartre
Wisdom acquisition is your moral duty, it means that you are hooked for lifetime learning - Charlie Munger